The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


India, 17 years
Nominated by Rangkarmi Arvind Kumar

Issues: EducationChild Participation

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Sufiyan

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World map showing India
To devote yourself to the fulfillment of dreams of the poor is the true worship of God.

Sufiyan's story

Sufiyan, 17, is well known in his community for his activism and social outreach programmes. His passion for children’s rights began when he saw a young child laborer being beaten. Since then, he has acted as an advocate for the rights of poor children, students in slums and orphans. He conducts fundraisers to provide free education and other school basics for children in need. Sufiyan set up a paathshala (a basic village school), and through its initiatives, 150 students have so far been afforded a free education and free school stationery and clothes. Sufiyan hopes that one day there will be a paathshala at every railway station, so that child laborers, slum children and orphans can learn, achieve financial independence, and live with dignity.

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