The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Uganda, 14 years
Nominated by New Life Pentecostal Church Ministries Uganda

Issues: EducationChild Labor

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Timothy

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World map showing Uganda
Dear parents, guardians, government, churches, mosques, NGOs and community members, together let’s guard children’s rights, fight against practices that deny fundamental human rights such as child labor and fight for the right to education, the right to rest and leisure, and free the country from unfair working conditions.

Timothy's story

Timothy, 14, lives in one of the poorest regions of Uganda, where child labor is common. Timothy goes to school, gets good grades, and is very keen to continue. He wants to make sure that other children can go to school as well. Through the Children Ministry Outreach Programs, he has reached out to vulnerable children across Uganda regardless of race, tribe or religion. He has also empowered many young people who were affected by the war across North-Eastern Uganda, helping them to recover from the trauma, and to focus on the future, making sure that most of them continue their education. He also talks to working children and their parents to try to convince them of the benefits of education, supporting them with school materials and tuition. In the future, Timothy wants to lobby and network with other organizations, like NGOs, teachers and the media, to continue his fight against child labor.

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