The 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize nominees


Burundi, 17 years
Nominated by REAVI-Baho (Network of Assistance for Victims of Violence and Injustice)

Issue: Poverty

2018 Children's Peace Prize nominee Tracy

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World map showing Burundi
Children have the right to education. Poor or abandoned, they deserve to study in good conditions, have books and warm clothes, so they can dream big.

Tracy's story

Tracy, 17, is a young children’s rights advocate from Burundi. She became determined to fight for underprivileged children when she saw children begging in the streets, while she had more than she needed at home. She created the project ‘Cool Cousins’ to encourage disadvantaged children in rural areas to continue their education, providing them with pullovers to keep them warm in class. She also volunteers with REAVI-Baho, an organization which fights against sexual and gender-based violence. She helps to organize events, and seeks to empower children and to ensure that they have access to opportunities. Tracy wants to distribute warm clothes to every child in every public school in the Burundi countryside.

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