Nkosi's Haven Village

•    Organization: Nkosi’s Haven
•    Project: Nkosi’s Haven Village
•    Country: South Africa
•    Objective: Provide shelter to mothers and children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS

Over 2 million children under the age of 14 are living with HIV and every year about 160.000 children are newly infected with HIV. Not only are children suffering from the disease, they are often also confronted with the fact that their parents are infected with HIV and die at a very young age. 

Children that have been infected with HIV, or children of parents with HIV often are confronted with prejudices, exclusion and neglection.

Shelter for mothers and children affected with HIV/AIDS

Nkosi’s Haven provides a safe home for vulnerable mothers with HIV/AIDS and their children. Nkosi’s Haven gives mothers and children the opportunity to continue their life together, even if the mother is too ill to care of her children. In addition, Nkosi’s Haven provides a home for children who have been orphaned by AIDS. Nkosi’s Haven provides a safe home for over 100 children and about 25 mothers. The children receive quality education, health care, good nutrition, housing and support



The right to education is often a challenge for children who are infected with HIV/AIDS. Getting a good quality education is of the upmost importance at Nkosi’s Haven. The children who live in Nkosi’s Haven receive their education at schools inside the community. Part of KidsRights support for this project goes towards education. 

Our project partner Nkosi’s Haven

Nkosi’s Haven is the dream project of Nkosi Johnson, to whom the International Children’s Peace Prize was dedicated posthumously in 20015 . In his short life Nkosi advocated for the rights of children with HIV/AIDS. Nkosi’s Haven was founded in 1999 by Gail Johnson, Nkosi’s foster mother. KidsRights has supported Nkosi’s Haven since 2005.