Nominated by Chaeli Campaign

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

In realising that one voice can make a difference, Reece has discovered his voice and very determinately feels that he can speak for people with a mental illness and make a difference by challenging the systems and people who bring mental illness sufferers down. Reece and his friend Christopher Kleynhans established “Swim for Change” in 2015 as a way of giving back to society. They have now hosted three 12-hour swimmathons to raise awareness about mental health and to break the stigma attached to sufferers from mental health illness. They are currently assisting schools in setting up mental health policies to support the pupils and teachers and to have support structures in place before a child feels the need to resort to suicide. “Swim for Change” is now a registered Non Profit Company. They are also busy registering a Non-Profit Organization called Earth Kids Org (EKO), which focuses on youth led greening public space, reducing single use plastic and educating about EcoBricking.